What to expect from this site?

Welcome random person whom I shared this site with or you found it yourself. This page serves as a collection of my Roleplay characters or a place to store other important texts.

TL;DR of characters and other pages:

Hunter VanCleef
Seemingly shy and secretive, in fact very friendly werewolf, able to recognize the spoken truth.
Colt Raveneye
Serious Sergal, who does not let his thoughts be clouded, can control the glass that flows through his veins.
Arges Stalax
Half mechanical fox, which due to unfortunate events also lost part of the brain, it feels like he is forced to be positive.
Umris Bane
Avali, whose due to curse, demonic horns have grown, and lost the ability to speak, but can say stuff via telepathy. Carries a large magic scroll on her back. (Not done yet)
Goliat Le Torneau
The unfortunate man whose eternal suffering is the sword piercing his chest, but not inflicting internal wounds. (Not done yet)

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